Google Adwords

AdWords is an advertising system Google developed to help businesses reach online target markets through its search engine platform and partner sites. These partner sites host a text or image ad that appears on the page after a user searches for keywords and phrases related to a business and its products or services. On, AdWords ads typically appear in specific locations at the top and right-hand side of a search results page. see more...

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On-page SEO refers to SEO factors and techniques focused on optimizing aspects of your website that are under your control. Off-page SEO refers to SEO factors and strategies focused on promoting your site or brand around the web. see more...

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Social Marketing

The term “social marketing” refers to the adoption of commercial, promotional technologies into programs that are intended to influence the response of target audiences to improve both the individuals’ well-being and the well-being of the community in which they belong. see more...

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